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More windows...

So beside all those bad things, there are good things happening too! God is good:) We have more windows in, and we're expecting to get the loan by the end of this week. Szóval a sok rossz dolog mellett jó dolgok is történnek...Isten jó! Újabb ablakok kerültek a helyükre, és remélhetőleg e hét végére a kölcsönhöz is hozzáférünk.   Living room with the arched windows - Nappali az ives ablakokkal

A sad interlude/ Egy szomorú közjáték

Sometimes it seems to me that our life is nothing else but running here, running there, trying to squeeze as many things in a day as we can...Well, I guess God wants us to realize that life is more than that...and that we should slow down...and if we can't do that ourselves, He will orchestrate things so that we'll have no choice but slow down...That's what happened now...Two tragic events, that happened within 3 weeks made us just realize how much we need to cherish the time we have here on this earth...At the end of May my dad lost his battle with cancer. Even if we had known that he didn't have much time left, his death seemed unexpected...But God's timing is always perfect. I think it was easier for me and the kids to keep him in our memories as we had known him: an energetic, young at heart man and not seeing him getting weaker and weaker. We could only fly home for the funeral...but in retrospect, I think that's what was best for all of us.  Dad, you'