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Window shopping -Vásárolgatunk

So we've waiting for a few things to be finished (bath tubs to be installed, and kitchen electrical to be finished for example) so we can pass the rough inspection. In the meantime, we're shopping for kitchen appliances. We've chosen GE appliances. I like the modern look and functionality of them. This is the list we have:  1. GE Built-in gas cooktop (I got convinced to buy cooktop instead of a regular stove:-) Actually, it looks nice.   2. Built-in single wall oven and microwave: 3.  GE vent: 3. Refrigerator: Amig várunk egy pár dologra, amit be kell fejezni a második fázis ellenőrzés előtt (kádak beszerelése, k

Back on track - Ismét sinen...

Sorry for my silence for such a long time. Finally, we're back on track (again:-) We've had some ups and downs lately...I'm not only talking about the emotional roller coaster of trying to be patient until this entire project is finished, but a few technical difficulties we've had to overcome. For example it turned out that the custom made front door that we planned to install, can't be made according to our plans (the arch window on top of the door, the glass type that we chose for this particular type of door), so after weeks of painstaking drawings, calculations, measurements, Dave, our contractor, decided to go to the distributor and talk to him in person. Finally, decision has been made, and the front door framing and arch has been rebuilt. I could understand the workers' frustration -it's not fun to take everything apart, and do it all over again...I shared their frustration...It's already October, and the light at the end of the tunnel seems to b