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Today's accomplishment .. A mai nap eredménye today's accomplishment is this: the blocks have been delivered, the crane arrived on time and the blocks are being lowered into the basement area just right now. Not bad...Good thing it is "just" 95F today. ...szóval a mai nap eredménye: a betontégla megérkezett (nem is tudom, téglának illik-e nevezni:), a daru is itt volt reggel időben, és most éppen pakolják a raklapokat a basementbe...jó kis munka...szerencsére ma már "csak" 35c-os meleg van..

Making progress...Haladunk a munkákkal...

So we are making progress...The rebars now are where they should be, and concrete has been poured. Much easier for the workers to get around in the hole:) All we need to do is to get rid of the dirt...Dave hired a bunch of guys and using the good old method (ie. wheel barrow) they are going up and down on the ramp...Boy, it is a hard work, especially today, when we have record heat, 110F (42c). Szóval haladunk...A vasbetonhoz szükséges acél és beton ott van,ahol lennie kell :) Igy már könnyebb közlekedni ott lent a gödörben, nem kell bukdácsolnia a munkásoknak...Most már csak a felesleges földet kell valahogy eltávolitani a gödörből :) Dave felfogadott egy kisebb brigádot, hogy - a jó öreg módszerrel - lapát, talicska, rámpa - ma ezt a feladatot is abszolváljuk. Hát, nem mondom, kemény munka, annál is inkább, hogy ma rekordokat döntögető meleg, 42c van...

Let the fun begin / Kezdődjék a móka :-)

...well as far as I'm concerned, the fun begins now:-) Since I don't really know much about drilling, rebars, sump pipes and pumps, and who knows what else, I haven't had a chance to get involved in the project so far. But now, as we're transitioning to "my territory" ie. interior design, I'm getting more excited. I talked to Dave, our contractor yesterday and I was also introduced to our plumber (not Joe :-) I'm going to get a list with the number of faucets and sinks we'll need (it's not that I can't count them on the house plan)... So I'm ready for my first "designer" challenge :-) Man, I've just checked a website, and found thousands of different faucets... Good thing the price tags help me to eliminate quite a few of them, and I also got some good advice what to look for when we pick a faucet. I just realized that I haven't shared the house plan with you guys yet, so high time to upload it.  ( Click on the pict

Digging deeper - Mélyebbre ásunk

It's been a while since I last posted something on the blog, but life hasn't stopped and I need to catch up :-) So what's going on now? We have a big hole just in front of our motorhome! Our dream home is starting to take shape...well, at least we can see where it's going to be :-) The initial excavation started just before we left for our regular end-of-August visit with Wayne's parents up in Cupertino. We (the girls of course) felt like Rapunzel being "rescued" by prince Charming:)) Instead of letting our hair down though, Dave, our contractor helped us down on a ladder - into the big hole and out on the street...because there was no more "front yard" in front of the motor home...just the huge hole -  where our house is going to be:-) Coming back after a week, we found an even bigger and deeper hole. Man, it is scary! :) Basically, the entire lot is a big hole:) The only way we can get to the motor home now is going around on a narrow pathwa