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Decisions, decisions....Döntések, döntések

Yep...all those little many decisions. As the construction is approaching the next phase, we need to make all those decisions about exterior color and roofing, flooring, tiles and fixtures in the bathrooms, lights inside and outside the house, kitchen cabinets and appliances and who knows what else...:) I actually like shopping online for all those things, learning more about materials, pros and cons, cost, local distributors etc. We had a little celebration today, Shawn, one of the workers had his birthday today. Dave has a good team with nice guys, they're almost like a family, sharing not only job responsibilities but their personal problems as well. And as we're spending more and more time with them (so to speak, since we are here on the property, so talk to them on a daily basis) we're becoming part of their "family" too...Today I took a few photos of the crew, just to make memories...:) Bizony, az a sok apró ré a sok döntés. Ahogy a

Rainy days - Esős napok

Southern California has a mild climate and abundant sunshine...well, almost  all year long, except for about a week or two in winter, usually in mid January, when it rains so hard that we often have mudslides and flash floods. We were hoping to be lucky (and fast enough) to finish the roof before the heavy rainy season arrives, but seems that Weatherman had other plans for us:) The rains had started about a week before Christmas and even though the workers put up huge plastic sheets on top of the trusses, it wasn't enough protection against the wind and heavy rain. I've never seen monsoon rains, but now I can imagine what it likes...Running water on the streets,2-5 inches of rain in about a few days...including our first and second floor...:( Even if we tried to sweep/vacuum the floor, after a few days we gave up. Wayne was concerned about the framing getting wet, but our engineer assured him that it wouldn't be a problem. However, the wet flooring could be, so they have be