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Working inside the house - Munkálatok a házban

So rough plumbing and electrical started inside the house. I would've never thought that plumbing and electrical is such a complex job to do...It requires a professional, that's for sure:) It's fascinating to learn new things or just see how they differ from what I remember seeing as a child growing up in Europe. I'm sure things have changed there since then (I was about 6 when we built our house back in Hungary). So what I can see here now is black plastic vent pipes and nice copper pipes...By the way, seems that someone else also liked our copper pipes and wanted to take some with them. Just a day after they had been shipped, about a 7 feet piece was clipped off and stolen. Good thing they couldn't steal more...Since then we make sure the gates around the property are always locked:) Back to the house...Thanks to Richard 's hard work ( our electrician) not only pipes but electrical wires are running along the walls like a giant spider web. We had to put on