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Back on track! Sinen vagyunk...:)

YAY! After a two-month setback we're finally back on track. I can hardly believe the work has actually started today. It turned out that we can't get away without shoring. So our engineer had to draw the shoring plan and we had to wait for it to be approved...Boy, it's been the longest two months ever! Especially when you can't do anything but wait, and you depend on other people's schedule...We had hoped that by the time we would be back from our month-long vacation in Hungary, the foundation would be done...well, it didn't even start by the time we got back at the end of July. But  here we are, August 17th, and from now on we can wake up at the beep-beep sound of the forklift, as Dave is backing up trying to lift up all those I-beams :) So good-bye nice, quiet sunny mornings, and welcome construction noise:) I would have never thought that one day this noise would be a charming sound to my ears:) It actually is, because it means we're making progress. T