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Murphy's Construction Law: it never goes smoothly/Murphy Épitkezési törvénye: Soha nem megy simán...

Well, I made up this law, but it's so true! I haven't written anything for a while, but I have a good excuse:) We've been kind of stuck (which is really frustrating when you actually want to move forward), because 1. we have to wait for the gas company to come out and turn the gas off. They are also going to change the old pipes and put in something safer and more modern. 2. It turned out, that the 30 day notice that we had sent out to our neighbors, wasn't "enough". We have to send out another notice about the back wall that we are building...bummer! Well, somebody screwed something up...According to Wayne, when our engineer turned in the paperwork to get the permit, he should've added the back wall plan, which he didn't do...Well, what can I say? At least I've got more time to pack everything... The funny thing was - I'm sure God has a good sense of humor, and wants us to get prepared for the "transition time", ie. moving in the m

Let the adventure begin! :) /Kezdődjék a kaland :)'s getting more exciting. When you see people on the roof using their hammers, or a Bob Cat lifting up dirt in the back yard, then you know, they ARE actually working:) Well, this is an on-the-job training for us, too. Wayne just learned that it's not enough to agree on a price but you actually have to write down everything. In that case you can avoid such surprises like all of a sudden the agreed price/hour is 10 bucks more, or the guys have a "short day" on Saturday but want you to pay for the whole day. Anyway, we're making progress...not as fast as Wayne would like it though. Yep...I can tell that there's a difference between our work ethics (or just the way of doing stuff) and that of those working in our backyard...No offence, this is nothing to do with prejudice, just an observation :) The garage has been taken down by now, fence put up around the property and in the backyard. I didn't know it was necessary to put a fence around the