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I've always dreamed of  HGTV-kind of moving- in moments, when the inspector gives us the keys to the house and we enter the front door with huge anticipation and excitement...:) Well, things do not normally work this way in real life :) Our move-in moment is more like move-in moments, meaning that we are moving in "step-by-step". 1. step was finishing Reni's bedroom, so she was the lucky one to occupy her bedroom first:) 2. Noemi's bedroom followed about half a year later. 3. One of the bathrooms is (almost) fully functional, except for hot water (turning on gas is only allowed after full occupancy), but at least we don't have to line up in front of our tiny bathroom in the motorhome :) 4. After flooring was done throughout the house, we could finally put our bed in the master bedroom, so we have some elbow room, too! Yay! 5. Progress has been made in the kitchen, too. Granite countertop is in, oven is in, so I can actually cook! :) We've been throu