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The big day:) / A nagy nap :)

Yes, the big day is here: we started the demolition on Monday, June 7th! The previous night was crazy, we had to clean out the whole house...Even though I had started it quite a few days earlier, still there was a lot in there. Clothes in the closets, kitchen utensils, lots of canned food in the pantry (I wonder why on earth we have to keep so much stuff in the pantry) folders in the file cabinet, toys,  you name it...Travis came over to help take out the big pieces, like the stove, TV, refrigerator etc. We were up till midnight, so exhausted by then that could hardly move :) We just pulled out everything, put them in boxes, not caring any more about sorting things...Now most of them are in boxes all around - in the shed, in the pool (this is our new storage place, it had been drained,of course:-) I'm sure it'll take days till we can find everything we need :) After the long, tiring day, we fell asleep really quickly in the motor home :) Monday morning came fast, the demo guys

I'm proud of my man:)

The motorhome in the backyard..It was quite challanging to park it there:) A lakókocsi a hátsó kertben...elég nagy feladat volt beparkolni! Wayne, having fun with the forklift:) Wayne, amint éppen "jatszik" az emelővel:) I'm proud of my man, because he managed to park the motorhome in the backyard..It wasn't easy, took quite some effort to manoever there, but finally the motorhome is where it should be -and where it will be for the next 6 months. Not only did my hubby park the trailer, he also had some fun moving the blocks around:) He rented a was fun watch him "playing" with that machine:) Well, when it comes to machines, men are big boys, aren't they? The other good news is that we finally signed the contract with the contractor, and now are ready to demo the old house and build the new one! Even if we can't start to build the backwall, we still can go ahead and take the next step, since we have the permit for the demo and excavat